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Payment in installments possible

Stress-free training

Individual approach to client

4000 PLN

30h of practical classes

30h of theory as E-Course

FREE internal exam

Welcome to Ecodrive

We understand that choosing the right driving school is a key issue.
Below you will find information that will help you decide that our school is the best choice.
Theory in the form of an E-course (online)
If you think that it is not worth wasting time commuting to theoretical classes, take advantage of our online course

Our Offer

Our courses are for quality, not quantity

Basic (in English)

  • 30 hours of theoretical lessons
  • 30 hours of practical classes
  • 4 hours of classes with a paramedic
  • A set of manuals and access to online course
  • Drive in Alcogoogles
  • Individual consultations with the instructor
  • Free internal exam
  • Theoretical and practical training in accordance with the principles of ECO DRIVING

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Or maybe you are looking for additional lessons?

If you feel you need a few lessons because you have had a long break. Contact us and we will make you feel confident on the road again.

Or maybe the previous driving school could not pass on sufficient skills to pass the practical exam. In this case, transfer the documents to our school and we will do everything to ensure that the practical exam goes quickly and efficiently.

Driving course in English

Driving licenses in Poland have over 22 million people. Over 400,000 new allowances have been issued annually for years. The only exception was the pandemic 2020, when the traffic centers were paralyzed. Passing the exam is associated with stress and sometimes a lot of effort. What if the student is a foreigner and does not know Polish? Then it can only get more difficult. Out of concern for such people, we have launched a driving license course for foreigners.

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How does it look like 

Learning to drive in English does not have to be difficult. We will prove it during 30 hours of theoretical classes, which will also include a meeting on the principles of first aid. The driving license course for foreigners is conducted by qualified, fluent English staff. A speaking English instructor will help you safely complete 30 hours of practical classes. Their scope includes, among others driving in alcohol goggles, thanks to which you can see how, after drinking alcohol, it slows down the motor skills, which is so important when driving a car. Each student, in accordance with the philosophy of our school, will learn the principles of ecodriving, i.e. economic driving focused on, among others to optimize fuel consumption.

Why Ecodrive

As you know, there is a wide variety of driving schools available on the market. But why is it worth choosing Ecodrive? What distinguishes us from the rest of the centers? First of all, we try to approach each student individually. We understand the needs and meet them. We take special care of foreign language students, ensuring that they feel comfortable during the classes, and that the time of study is not a source of unnecessary stress for them. Classes at Ecodrive take place in a friendly, understanding atmosphere, which is confirmed by the opinions of our graduates.

How much does it cost

English driving course in Ecodrive costs PLN 3,500. As part of this (in addition to the previously mentioned course elements) we will provide you with a set of teaching aids and access to online courses in the form of lectures and exercises. You don't have to worry about the cost of internal theory test. You will not be required to pay any additional fees. We are quite flexible when it comes to regulating receivables. Fees can be paid in full, but also in convenient installments, which will allow the household budget to rest.

It's worth trusting us

Ecodrive is a school that has been operating for over 20 years. We have successfully trained thousands of drivers who drive safely and successfully on the roads of the whole country. We like challenges, we also like to go ahead, offering what other driving centers are silent about. Learning to drive in English is another trail that we have decided to follow, rarely used in Poland. These types of amenities are not very popular, which with the growing number of foreigners may make you wonder. The principle we profess may be an important convenience: you drive what you think. Our students practice only on such cars as they will have to pass the practical exam. Currently, our fleet consists of six-gearToyota Yaris with 101 HP engines.

The English driving license course is not only 30 hours of driving which is the necessary minimum. Additional hours can be purchased if necessary. This extra time spent under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor will surely bear fruit and help you to become more skilled in driving on public roads.

In friendship with nature and your wallet

What is especially dear to us is ecodriving. The slogan contained in our name is for us more than just a fashionable slogan. The idea of ecodriving is about eco-driving and as economical as possible. We teach how to properly change gears, how and when to accelerate and brake with the engine. All this will help to noticeably reduce fuel consumption, and thus save money and reduce the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere. In the era of high fuel prices, this skill is undoubtedly useful and worth attention.